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The 5th Annual West Melton Art Exhibition

The 2009 guest exhibitor was the Water Colour Illustrator Richard Bolton  Richard took up painting professionally soon after leaving Art College and became well known in Cambridgeshire, England for his paintings of lazy waterways and flat Fenland scenes so typical of the East of England where he lived.Richard regularly exhibited at the Royal Institute of Watercolour Painters in London where his work caught the attention of publishers leading to him writing books for British, American and eventually Chinese publishers.

 The 2009exhibiting included works by:  


Adams Lorraine, Christchurch-Oil.

Allan John, W. Melton - Clay.        

Allfrey Donna, Christchurch- Acrylic.

Bashford Vivienne, Christchurch-Mxd.

Bolton Richard, Geraldine- W.clr’.

Brown Ami, W. Melton-Oil.

Dagny Emma , Christchurch-Oil

Davies, Jeanne, W. Melton- Pastel/Ac’.

Ernsten Frederika, Woodend-Clay.

Freire Cecilia, Christchurch- Clay.

Gale Juliana, Christchurch - Pastel.

Galetzka Renate, Christchurch-Clay.

Hansen Viv, Christchurch -Clay.

Hitchcock Geoff, Christchurch -Oil.

Instone Jim, Christchurch -Metal.

Jacobs Lorraine, Kirwee-Ac’/W.clr’.

Johnson Maureen, Christchurch -Clay.

Labadie Ed, Darfield- Oil /W.clr’.

Laming Jean, Christchurch -Oil /Ac’.

Legg Ross, Selwyn - Stone.        

McCann Maureen, Darfield-Acrylic.

McKinlay Olwyn, Halkett-Acrylic.

McNeill Gordon, Selwyn-Patel.

McPhee Jenny, Tempelton- Pst/Ac’.

Newburn Murita, Christchurch-Acrylic.

Orinko Svetlana, Christchurch- W.clr’.

Porter Janie, Christchurch - Acrylic.

Ramsay Lynda, Ireland –Oil.

Scarlett Greg, Christchurch-Mixed.

Seales Donald, Christchurch-Acrylic.

Seo Aaron, TaiTapu -Acrylic.

Seo Susan, TaiTapu -Acrylic.

Seo Yun Suk, Korea-Mixed.

Suter Bon, Christchurch-Stone.

Tatton Virginia, Christchurch-Mixed.

Treskon Iva, Christchurch-Oil.

Van Tuinen Suzanne, Halswell-Oil.

Watson Kathie, Christchurch-Acrylic.

Weaver Kinghorn Jocelyn, Chch-Oil.

Winter Courtney, Christchurch -Acrylic.

Woodard Corinna, Christchurch -Mixed.

Worsdall Ella, Kaipoi- W.clr’.


Opening Speeches by :

 The Hon Minister Kate Wilkinson



Mayor of Selwyn Kelvin Coe

Awards as follows:

First Award

Juliana Gale -Ady (Pastel) 



Second Award

Ivar Treskon - Wimea (Oil)

Third Award

Ross Legg –Claudine (Stone)





Opening Night


2009 Exhibition

The 6th Annual West Melton Art Exhibition 2010 dates are already set

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